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Matt S Trout
On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 04:56:57PM +0200, jakac wrote:

> Actually in this case I must also use "distinct" ...
> select DISTINCT a.* from articles a, categories c, categories_articles_rel
> rel
> where
> a.article_id = rel.article_id
> and
> c.category_id = rel.category_id
> and
> c.user_id = '$someuser'
> order by a.title;
> Can somebody please "translate" this into DBIx::Class? thanx!

No. If you want to post the code you have so far, in full, we could try
and explain stuff.

But this is a mailing list for discussion and helping each other learn,
not one where you post a request and we write your code for you. We usually
call that "contract work" around here :)

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