DBIC Governance: Permissions transfers

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DBIC Governance: Permissions transfers

David Golden
It turns out the history of DBIC permissions is rather complicated, so it took me a while to determine what I think were the correct transfers.  This email is a summary of changes made.

1. Permissions changed to match the DBIC governance document (i.e. primary to FREW, co-maint to ILMARI, JROBINSON, and MSTROUT)

* The 87 namespaces indexed to the current DBIC release in the CPAN 02packages file
* The following list of packages found in the CPAN 06perms permissions file for which RIBASUSHI was primary ("f") and MSTROUT was comaint ("c") AND which were also found as "hidden" packages in the DBIC repository:


* DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replication, which had the same permissions pattern as "hidden" modules, is not currently indexed on CPAN, and appears in the git history of the repo

Note there are a number of old DBIC distributions listed in 02packages with namespaces that are not included in the current DBIC distribution.  These should probably be deleted from CPAN.

2. Primary permission transferred to MSTROUT

The 06perms file listed DBIx::Class::Cursor::Cached as having RIBASUSHI as primary and MSTROUT as co-maintainer.  This appears to have been a mistake in the original permissions transfer, as it is not a part of DBIC itself, had the first release by MSTROUT, was never released by RIBASUSHI and appears most recently developed by neither.  As this module is not governed by the DBIC governance agreement, I decided to only transfer primary permissions back to MSTROUT and leave RIBASUSHI as comaintainer and the people involved in that module can sort it out further on their own.

3. Permissions left alone

There were a number of modules that had RIBASUSHI as primary and MSTROUT (and others DBIC comaints) as co-maintainers despite appearing to be authored outside DBIC itself:


As the original authors' intent in transferring permissions to the DBIC maintainers is unclear, and since these are not covered by the governance document, no permissions changes were made.


Having discharged this final responsibility in my role in the DBIC dispute, I declare the matter resolved as far as PAUSE administration is concerned.

Further issues should be resolved within the governance framework established.

I will be shortly unsubscribing from the DBIC mailing list.  Further inquiries or concerns should be brought to my attention on the [hidden email] mailing list.

David Golden

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